Kehollisuus – osa 2


”As for so many others, my body image has been a great contributor in my mental health – or rather the issues related to it. There are many sides to that, and in my illustrations I wanted to depict the feeling of not being good enough the way one is by reflecting on my ”flaws” – parts of me I’m not happy with, for one reason or another. It’s not that I always want certain changes made but rather a result of negative or evaluating comments and comparing myself to either other people or the illusion of a ”perfect” looking human being that is promoted on the (social) media. By showing these ”little” things that have caused me great insecurity and discomfort I want to tell everyone else struggling with their body image that they are not alone. The beauty-based pressure put on people is a difficult issue that needs to be fixed – we are so much more than our looks, after all.”

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